Food & Water

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land,”

– Aldo Leopold

The Best Guides to Making Healthy Food Choices

Guide to Avoiding Pesticides –  The Environmental Working Groups guide to buying produce. Shows the Clean 15 and Dirty 12. Yikes, Strawberries!

Seafood Watch –  Probably the best known seafood guide. Put out by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

EWG Seafood Guide – A simpler seafood guide.

Mercury in Fish –  Which kinds of fish to buy and what to avoid. Yikes, Tuna! Yay, Salmon!

Water Filter Guide – Features the best kinds of water filters based on criteria you select.

Meat Eaters Guide – How to reduce your environmental foot print by shifting your meat and dairy eating habits.

Good Guide – Guide to buying all kinds of things, but has a good list of foods.

Children’s Cereals – So much sugar in children’s cereals!

Food Scores – Scores food based on nutrition, ingredient and processing concerns.

Guide to Avoiding GMO’s – A good guide if you’re trying to avoid genetically modified foods. (Hint – buy organic).

Good Food Price Guide – How to buy healthy food on a budget.






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Hi! I’m Rebecca. I write about sustainable solutions to environmental problems that work for even the busiest women. Environmental issues are complicated and can seem overwhelming. I break big problems down into smaller, more bite-sized solutions.

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