Sustainability For The Masses

If we are going to move forward in a more sustainable way, then sustainability has to be made simple for everyone. The truth is, there are lots of solutions that don’t require you to do back yard composting or live in a mini house. More power to those who choose to do these things, but at the end of the day, those are more life-style choices than long term solutions.

What’s Already Working?

There are lots of green programs and resources in place that offer proven, research based solutions for people who want to make more sustainable choices without changing how we live our lives. LEED green building concepts are easy to incorporate into many remodels and cradle to cradle certified products are available to be purchased. The US Government, European Union and non government organizations offer guidance and resources that can be used by anyone to make greener choices. I will highlight these concepts and resources throughout Earthy B. to hopefully demonstrate that making informed and sustainable choices is not more difficult or more expensive than working from a business as usual approach.

Doing the Best With What We Have Today

There are new laws, eco-products and green companies springing up every year. I hope to cover whats working today even if we don’t live in a perfect world. And I hope that we will have better choices and have more options tomorrow. The transition to a more sustainable world will be long. I intend to follow the progress.


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